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Kanetix.ca has served up millions of insurance quotes to Canadian insurance shoppers.

Our free, secure and anonymous (if you wish) service helps save Canadians money on their insurance costs.

It's not surprising then that many of our customers feel compelled to write to us with a testimonial or recommendation.


"I saved a lot in my car insurance through kanetix and I bundled my home with it. Soo grateful with kanetix, Because of you I saved $1000 a year of my premium...I recommended you to my friends."

Joy - Ontario - June 2016

"I'm grateful to you for this service. I saved a lot of money in my house and in my car insurance. I always recommend your services to anyone who is looking for insurance."

Carolina - Ontario - May 2016

"By using your services I saved $2000 dollars on my auto and home insurance combined. Would definitely recommend and use it again."

Bruno - Ontario - May 2016

"Excellent and very helpful service."

Mariella - Ontario - May 2016

"I referred you right away to my friends and I think you are the best. "

Ahmed - Ontario - April 2016

"Just to inform you that I had very good experience with using your sites for quotes plus the your stuff personal help."

Jake - Ontario - April 2016

" Kerolos a customer service ambassador from Kanetix.ca, took the time to answer all my questions and helped make purchasing insurance a little less confusing and complicated. Thank you Kanetix! "

Taisha - Ontario - March 2016

"This is my second time using Kanetix and both times I had good quotes!"

Madeline - Ontario - March 2016

"Kanetix saved me over $1,000! WOW!

Sandra - Ontario - March 2016

"Way to go Kanetix!! You just lowered my insurance by $1200 a year!!!"

Susan - Ontario - March 2016

"Kanetix is the best comparison site for insurance - be sure to check it out!"

Julie-Lynne - Ontario - February 2016

"I used Kanetix for the first time last week. Omg 450$ difference ..This is an amazing site!!"

Jo-Anne - Ontario - February 2016

"I just wanted to say Thank you so much for helping me to find an insurance I can afford, you were able to save me $2,000 plus a year!!::)) Thank you keep up the good job!"

Rene - Ontario - February 2016

"It's was simple. got a quote and saw I was overpaying by almost 1000 dollars. Called around, and got the deal they specified. With my savings I bought a new windshield. Couldn't be more pleased. I had no idea how much I was overpaying. Thanks so much."

Jamie - Ontario - January 2016

"Thanks Kanetix, you've been very helpful, good work!"

Huguette - Ontario - January 2016

"I have been using Kanetix for years now to find deals, especially before policy renewal time for home/auto insurance."

Carolyn - Ontario - January 2016

"it's true. I saved 800 bucks using Kanetix! What blew my mind was finding out how much we were overpaying. Eek! So glad we checked!"

Jamie - Ontario - January 2016

"After close to 25 years with the same insurance company, and just (for the most part) accepting my yearly increases, I decided to actually act on the quotes I get from Kanetix. I will be saving a total $1521 yearly on insurance for my house and two cars!"

Laura - Ontario - December 2015

"Kanetix saved me $1300 a year from previous insurer. Awesome!!!! "

Wilson - Ontario - December 2015

" Just joined a new insurance company with a wonderful quote, and big savings! "

Sue - Ontario - December 2015

"Kanetix saved me $1500! it's insane! "

Evelyn - Ontario - December 2015

"What a great service! Seriously saved 50% on travel insurance. Highly recommend checking it out. "

Michelle - Ontario - November 2015

"Love this site. It has saved me thousands of dollars over the years and I recommend it to everybody. "

Reza - Alberta - October 2015

"I used Kanetix for my quote and saved over $500 for the year!!"

Ron - Ontario - October 2015

"My insurance was reduced by $360 this year through a Kanetix insurer "

Ellen - Alberta - October 2015

"Great tips! We saved a significant amount of money on our auto insurance through your website. Thanks for a great service."

John - Ontario - October 2015

"Very Happy with Kanetix Thank you for an excellent service. I saved $1,666!"

Katica - Ontario - October 2015

"Thanks for finding me a great rate that was $500 a year less than my current one."

Ron - Ontario - September 2015

"Kanetix has been my go-to for travel insurance for years now. My partner and I have traveled all over Europe and the Middle East and have always felt safe knowing we were backed by Kanetix. Even recently when we were in Greece and had to make a last minute change to add in a trip to Tel Aviv, the staff at Kanetix helped me have everything resolved quickly, efficiently and completely. It's the only way I buy insurance when we leave Canada and with the travel we have planned in our future, looks like they'll be getting a lot more business from us!"

Amber - Ontario - September, 2015

"I am very please so far with your service, thank you."

Jean-Noel - Ontario - September, 2015

"Thanks for finding me a great rate that was $500 a year less than my current one."

Ron - Ontario - September, 2015

"Thru Kanetix I got a better deal for my auto and home insurance recently. I saved over $100 per month for the same coverage as I had before. Kanetix is absolutely trustworthy and provides fast service in hooking you up with the right insurance company. Go for it!"

Vincent - Ontario - September, 2015

"Thanks for helping me find a better rate for my auto insurance."

Tacha - New Brunswick- September, 2015

"Best travel insurance rates Better than any other I got."

Tim - Alberta - September, 2015

"I just saved 1100$ (yes, over a thousand dollars) thanks to Kanetix. The representative I spoke with was pleasant and knowledgeable too."

Diego - Ontario - July, 2015

"Thank you so much about your services. I found the best deal for my car insurance which save for me few hundred dollars."

Tam - Ontario - July, 2015

"I used Kanetix and found new coverage with exact same coverage as my previous company. Saved $650.00. Everyone should give it a try."

Catherine - Quebec- July, 2015

"I got a quote for $550.00 less per year than what we are currently paying."

Joanne - Ontario - July, 2015

"I saved over 1100$ with Kanetix.They seem to have more insurance companies in the database than anyone else (regular brokers deal with 4 or 5 companies at most).."

Diego - Ottawa - July, 2015

"My dad got a renewal notice that was MUCH higher than his prior year's insurance. He's 77. No accidents. We used the Kanetix website to get him a competitive quote on his old Honda. We got a much better quote. The insurance company also put a gadget in the car to see how much he drives and how he drives. He drives like a little old man. The gadget saves him another 15% per year, because he drives like a little old man. He saved over $400/yr by getting a competitive quote and because of his conservative driving habits. We didn't have to call 10 different insurance companies, we just sat down and filled out the web form and then talked to the agent that gave us the best quote. It was easy and he saved a lot of money."

Bernard - Ontario - July , 2015

"I recently used the Kanetix website to get auto insurance quotes for my new car. The site was easy to use and the application was quick to complete and I was able to obtain excellent pricing, better then going direct to the same company, saving over $750 per year. The Kanetix rep. connected me directly to the right person at the selected insurance company for quick service and followed up to ensure I got exactly what I wanted - a great advocate for me. I highly recommend Kanetix for one stop shopping for car insurance and will use the service again when my insurance comes up next year. So much easier than calling around and much better rates than I could have gotten on my own. - Thanks Kanetix "

Gesa - Ontario - May, 2015

"Kanetix.ca saves me money on Auto and Home Insurance."

Eugene - Ontario- May, 2015

"I saved over 40% on my car insurance through this website. Check it out..."

Ernie - Ontario- May, 2015

"Found a great travel insurance rate on the KANETIX web site."

Dave - Ontario- May, 2015

"Amazing service, found me an awesome deal! So glad I took the chance on contacting Kanetix. Super friendly rep. Great experience!!!"

Jessica - Ontario - January, 2015

"Kanetix was very efficient, quick and good at finding best rates."

Patricia - Ontario - January, 2015

"I looked you up online to get a quote as my renewal was coming up next month. I filled out the online information...and spoke to your online help folks which is a great idea...as I needed a question answered. They dealt with that question to my satisfaction, leading me to call your office to be referred to one of your insurance companies. That transpired well...although I do have to say for your operators to speak slowly as their dialect takes getting used too. I appreciated them doing that. Your operator connected me to the Insurance co...that I received a good quote from and I'm all set up to get my insurance from them. Thank you!"

Jim - Ontario - January, 2015

"Thanks so much for your help. It was nice to speak with such a pleasant representative."

Pat - Ontario - November, 2014

"We found our insurance through Kanetix and it was very simple. The agent who took my call was very helpful and updated me on the wait time throughout the call. The switch over to Tour Med was very efficient."

Louise - Quebec - March, 2014

"Just wanted you to know that your service is much appreciated. I may not necessarily change insurance brokers, but I do like the comparison factor, so that I know if I make the right decision. Keep up the good work"

Betty - Ontario - January, 2014

"I got ripped off on an auto & home insurance package for couple years, but thanks to Kanetix I switched insurance providers last year in October and saved a whopping $2,000 on my insurance premium! Kanetix is an amazing insurance advocate and their web site is great. I'd recommend using Kanetix to anybody who wants to save big bucks"

Goran - Ontario - December, 2013

"I have used Kanetix in the past and with success have been awarded with a lower premium with a reliable insurance company. I have again just recently used Kanetix in comparing insurance premiums, and once again with their services have been connected with another reliable insurance company with a better premium than what I had before. So all in all, Kanetix does work for you in saving you money and also sure beats the calling around insurance companies and getting the round around. Thank You Kanetix once again"

Michele - Ontario - November, 2013

"Thank you for your help. It just made me save... 500$ / year. Unbelievable!"

Cristian - Quebec - November, 2013

"Thank you for being such a great help to us in locating a cheaper insurance for our car. We are so grateful and we have signed up with a company that you gave us a quote for."

Algis - Ontario - October, 2013

"Excellent job! Your rate comparison site saved me a lot of search time and money. I believe the information you provided was far more extensive than I could have researched on my own."

Gary - Ontario - September, 2013

"Thank You so much for your help, it has been fast and easy. I will recommend you:) thank you!!"

Juan - Ontario - September, 2013

"Please accept my thanks for the great service I saved lots of money from your excellent services"

Ram - Ontario - August, 2013

"Thank you very much for your help I got very good auto insurance rate. Once again thank you very much."

Sri - Ontario - August, 2013

"Your website was very helpful and I was successful at obtaining the coverage I needed at a most reasonable price.I have forwarded your website to my daughter who is presently checking out her options using your comparable data. Thank you again."

Jane- Ontario - July, 2013

"Thank you for providing this service. It helped me to reduce my insurance premiums substantially."

Elisabeth- Ontario - July, 2013

"I was very pleased with the service I received today. I chose the first option, went through the medical questionnaire and was happy with how efficiently and quickly the matter was taken care of. I will use Kanetix again."

Helen - Ontario - May, 2013

"I have recently used your services to assist in finding a new insurance provider. I would just like to tell you how satisfied I was with my overall experience with your company. It was fast, effective and very easy to use. Keep up the good work."

Jon - Ontario - May, 2013

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the service. I was forwarded to ____ today and after discussing the quote with them I wound up saving a total of $1100 on my combined home and auto insurance.

I will be checking with Kanetix next year again when it comes time to renew."

Jason - Ontario - March, 2013

"Hey ! Thanks for excellent service and great quote, it saved me a lot of money. Keep up the good work !!!!"

Robert - Ontario - March, 2013

"I found your site very time saving and easy to use. Kudos to your web developers! Also your customer service is top-notch. Very efficient and courteous. I previously tried to get a quote from ____ and that was a total fail.

You've saved me 250$ a year on my car insurance!


Paul - New Brunswick - March, 2013

"I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your referral. You're company is so needed and appreciated. You guys saved me about $1100 a year in car and home insurance. Thank you for your great service "

Adel - Ontario - February, 2013

"Your service is great. Got the quotes we needed , did comparisons and bought insurance. We will use you again."

David - Ontario - January, 2013

"You provide a valuable service, and I'm glad I used your site. I went with the ____ quote, which was lower than I could find on my own. I'll be sure to advise anyone who is looking for a quote to use your service "

Elizabeth - Ontario - January, 2013

"I recently used your quick and easy quote generator and I am beyond happy with the results - I am now signed up with an insurance company who is charging me more than 50% LESS than any other quote I came across. THANK YOU!"

Rachel - Ontario - October, 2012

"I can't thank you enough, because of your e-mail I have saved over 100.00 per month on my car insurance. Now I can afford to take a trip this coming winter. You're the best!!!"

Gary - Ontario - October, 2012

"Just want to thank you for helping me save a lot on my car insurance. I will definitely spread the word for people to go on your website!"

Josh - Ontario - September, 2012

"I took advantage of your service and went with ____ for auto and home insurance and saved $600!!!! Unbelievable, and the policies were actually better than what I had. If you hadn't reminded me, I probably wouldn't have gone on to compare, as I was quite busy. Thank you again."

Sirya - Ontario - September, 2012

"I just want to thank you for how easy you have made it to get quotes for my insurance policies. I usually get the 'call us for a quote' phrase when I try to get quotes online. You have made it extremely easy for me to make a decision to save almost $50/month."

Sheryl - Ontario - August, 2012

"Kanetix is a very useful and reliable tool. I will always recommend Kanetix"

Daniel - Ontario - July, 2012

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your help, and your phone representatives did a great job. I know it's a lot easier to give bad feedback than good, but you really made getting insurance both simple and cheaper for me.

Your company's phone person was friendly and helpful, and once I was transferred through to my insurance provider of choice (____) they were also extremely friendly and helpful.

It's my first time setting up insurance in Canada, but the entire phone call to apply, give information, and be set up with insurance took about ten minutes. (Plus, I got a rate nearly $1,000 cheaper than any other quote!).

Very happy."

Rachel - Alberta - July, 2012

"A friend recommended I visit your website and register for information emails. It turned out to be a great decision. Kanetix was incredibly helpful, and their staff, in helping me finding the right car insurance for my needs. The staff was relevant, polite, and knowledgeable. I will recommend all my friends to visit your site - a great resource centre."

Constatine - Ontario - June, 2012

"Thank you very much. This Customer Care is an excellent service which I would recommend to anyone that is looking for insurance. Your service was great to me. Thank you again."

Bernard - Ontario - May, 2012

"Just wanted to say I used your service and went with one of the quotes - which saved me nearly $600.00 per year on my premium. This is a great service which I will use again."

Paul - Ontario - July, 2011

"Thank you very much. This Customer Care is an excellent service which I would recommend to anyone that is looking for insurance. Your service was great to me. Thank you again."

Reshma - Ontario - July, 2011

"Using your site to compare auto insurance was so easy and so helpful. Thanks for providing a site like this!"

Dundar - Ontario - July, 2011

"Thank you for being there when I needed you. My old car insurance agent sent me a renewal for over $1200, and the policy I replaced it with through your company has saved me more than $350 for identical coverage. I sure wish I had known about Kanetix a few years ago!"

GCF - Ontario - July, 2011

"I was with the same broker for over 20 years. Last year they increased my premium by 40%. 6 months later I bought a new car. Their quote was $2600/year. On Kanetix I found a company that offered me more coverage for under $2000. I switched."

John - Ontario - May, 2011

"With regards to travel insurance I was able to save approximately 27% using this site plus have additional limited coverage. Very useful site to save on travel costs."

Shawn - Nova Scotia - March, 2011

"I let myself get ripped off on auto insurance for a lot of years, but thanks to Kanetix I was able to find a number of much lower rates for even better coverage. Switched brokers and saved $1200!"

Brian - Alberta - March, 2011

"I do not think you could have served me better, the information you supplied was all I needed and very fast!"

I. Philip - March, 2011

"I was just thinking how convenient it was for me to find your site, enter my information, and immediately (almost) have about 3 or so quotes returned to me. I then took the phone number and called when I was ready, to verify the quote with the one company that had the best rate. Your representative then transferred my call directly to them, and I spoke with someone there. Bottom line - this was really convenient, and worked very well for me. I really liked dealing with everyone swiftly and with no headaches... The right people spoke with me, gave me the info I needed, quickly. So, I am letting you know, I like your site, and was helped by it. I now have new insurance at a considerably better rate than I had before.Thanks !!" "

Marie - Ontario - March, 2011

"i did check and compare ins. quotes, changed carriers and saved $500.00 again thank you"

Tom - Ontario - February, 2011

"I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping me find medical travel insurance. Your website was easy to follow and gave me several options; then, when I called you, I was put through right away to an agent to help me purchase an appropriate policy. I found Kanetix to be fast, efficient and friendly. Many thanks!"

Rebecca - Ontario - February, 2011

"Thanks a lot for help me to find an insurance. Your service is wonderful."

Victor - Ontario - February, 2011

"Thanks so much you saved me a bundle."

Jim - Ontario - January, 2011

"I wish to thank for your assistance in providing me the information required to receive quotes from various providers. In doing so, I will be saving over $700 on all my insurances. Thank You again."

Arthur - New Brunswick - January, 2011

"Great system you guys have set up! I was able to find a very competitive quote and it was all because of your site! I will definitely recommend your business to others. Thank you very much!"

Ryan - Ontario - January, 2011

"Hi thanks for the quotes - saved a bundle this year as well!!!"

Benny - Ontario - December, 2010

"Thank you for your service regarding automobile insurance. The information proved to be valuable tool in assisting me while making my decision."

Dianne - Ontario - November, 2010

"Thanks for providing quotes for auto insurance which narrowed it down to the best three quotes which saved me time."

Vivian - Ontario - November, 2010

"I would like to thank you for our car insurance quote. You have cut our costs in half, we probably would have had to take a vehicle off the road if it was not for your help. I can still drive my kids to school when my wife works, I just can't thank you enough. I have told all my friends and when I hear anyone talking about insurance I also tell them about your service. Thank you Thank you Thank you....."

Kevin - Ontario - November, 2010

"I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing service. It saves a lot of time and hassle."

Unknown - September, 2010

"This is just a thank you for the services provided to customers who are trying to obtain the best options for their auto insurance. The quotes I received were most helpful in making my insurance renewal decision."

Karen - Québec - September, 2010

"I really benefited from your services and I will definitely recommend your website to my friends and family."

Arminée - September, 2010

"I just purchased insurance for my husband and would like to congratulate you for the excellent customer service I received. Also, getting all the information & comparison quotes on line was very helpful, clear, easy and saved me so much time. I will certainly contact you in the future & recommend you to my family & friends. Thanks again."

Julie - August, 2010

"Thank you for your helpful website. With it I was able to find affordable insurance for my teenage son who just got his G2. Great work!"

Charles - ON - June, 2010

"I would like to say thank you so much!!!! I found a great price because of your website... I went to brokers in my town, all three got me quotes for 300 + a month... I found a company on your website and now I'm only having to pay 164 a month!! Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job!!"

Kayla - ON - June, 2010

"Thanks, guys, you were a huge help. Sure beats making a dozen phone calls."

Janice - Ontario - June, 2010

"Thank you guys!!! Keep up the good work!"

Constantin - Alberta - May, 2010

"My current insurance (with a large well-known company) is $220/month and was to increase to $240/month for 2 vehicles and tenants insurance combined. After getting the quotes my husband and I were able to get insurance with another well-known company for under $160/month. I am very happy with this result. Anyway, my husband and I are very pleased with your service and have recommended you to our friends and relatives"

Linda - Ontario - May, 2010

"We were hit with a $500.00 increase for my wife's Honda. Both of us have a perfect driving record with no claims ever. Shocked by this increase I went online to get some quotes for her car. The two sites I first visited were actually more expensive than our new rate, but then I found Kanetix. I got a quote within minutes and ended up saving over $1,200.00 on our home and car insurance! Thanks for your great service."

Wayne - Ontario - April, 2010

"Thanks so much for continuing this service. I received an automatic update about my auto/home insurance coming due and it spurred me on to run my information through Kanetix resulting in me signing on with a new insurance company and saving over $600 this year from what my current policy holder was charging me...$600 !! I could hardly believe it. Anyways.. a big thank you!"

Craig - Ontario - April, 2010

"I would like to thank you for your assistance. Your website has saved us four hundred dollars on auto insurance."

Wayne - Alberta - April, 2010

"I would just like to say how helpful and very patient your staff is. I would recommend you to my friends and family. Excellent work. Thank you."

Joan - Ontario - March, 2010

"Thanks. Your service is very helpful and convenient. I would use it again."

Jeffrey - Ontario - March, 2010

"Through your service and the quotes I received, I was able to switch insurers and saved $1,300 a year in auto insurance! That is a huge saving, more than I ever thought possible."

Manny - Ontario - February, 2010

"Thank You for your assistance. One of your quotes was the one that we chose to go with for my daughters car insurance, and they were very co-operative and fast. We had the policy set up and approved in no time."

Roy - Ontario - February, 2010

"Thank you for making one more thing that has to be done quite a bit easier. The quotes were accurate, and really easy to get via your website. I'll recommend it to all my friends and constituents who travel."

Ryan - Ontario - February, 2010

"J'ai utilisé vos soumissions émises par Kanetix et ça m'a permis d'économiser 100 $ pour mon prochain contrat de 2 ans avec ma police d'assurance actuelle. Merci beaucoup et je vais vous recommander fortement dans mon entourage."

Sylvie - Québec - février, 2010

"I saved 50% on my house insurance renewal by using the information you made accessible. I will be using your service for our vehicle insurances and RV."

John - Ontario - January, 2010

"You did a terrific job. I now have the insurance I want at the price I think is reasonable. Again, many thanks."

Stephanie - December, 2009

"Hi there! Just taking this opportunity to say a great big THANK YOU, for saving me almost $400!!! After receiving several quotes in excess of $1,100 when calling around, I logged on to the KANETIX site. I knew from previous experience that I would likely save some money, but was astounded by how much! With renewal time coming up and the purchase of a brand new vehicle of my own, it was time to start shopping around. Doing it by phone didn't present much variation in the price quoted by my broker. I don't know how you do it, but keep up the good work folks. You can be sure I'll be checking with KANETIX every time I need insurance."

Donna - October, 2009

"Thanks for the reminder. You were a big help to me regarding apartment and auto insurance."

Mr. G. Simpson - October, 2009

"Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for your quotes and to tell you that once again I have found that dealing with you is easy, pleasant and affordable. This is the first time I've used the "Save Quote" function and this will save me time once my final travel plans have been set. Have a great day."

Jackie - ON - October, 2009

"Thank you for helping me to compare quotes. I will be saving $437.00 this year on my renewal in a couple of weeks. Thank you!

Benny - ON - September, 2009

"Great job and thanks. Much appreciated, keep up the outstanding work Kanetix."

Name withheld - ON - June, 2009

"Thank you very much for a site that compares auto insurance prices. Your site brought several comparison prices, just to choose the proper one. Again, thank you."

Karen - June, 2009

"I was paying 3x the amount I now do, and I was able to do that because Kanetix offers this wonderful service!"

Name withheld - ON - May, 2009

"I would like to take a moment to thank you for your prompt reply regarding the quotes on our auto insurance policy. My wife and I were very impressed with the prices and service and managed to save a considerable amount of money after selecting ___ as our new insurance company. We even decided to purchase our home insurance through them as well. We will certainly recommend your services to anyone we know who are looking to renew their insurance and mortgage needs."

William - May, 2009

"I found your site great--very user friendly and so much faster than calling everyone! Thanks for a very convenient service."

Miriam - NS - April, 2009

"I have been with ____ for 15+ years, with the understanding that their rates are/were not open to the general public, only to select low-risk groups. When I received my new policy quote with a 10% increase, I decided to compare. Your service has been invaluable, and seems to have led me to a higher-rated company, with better coverage, at REDUCED rates. Thank you."

Name withheld - ON - March, 2009

"I am very impressed with the website. It is very straight forward and easy to use. I like the fact that I can modify my policy structure and not have to go through all the steps again to get my modified quote. Well done."

David - AB - March, 2009

"Thank you so much for providing this service. Your help has saved us about $100 a month on insurance!!!"

Name withheld - ON - February, 2009

"Thank you for the reminder and your service. Through your tips I have combined my auto insurance with the same company as my home insurance and have saved approximately $700 on a quote given by my last provider. It sure pays to shop around."

Derrick - ON - November, 2008

"You saved both myself and my wife hundreds of dollars per year. Keep doing what you're doing, it's helping more than you realize."

Joe - ON - October, 2008

"I used your site to compare auto insurance rates. You are responsible for me saving about $500 a year. Good going."

Name withheld - ON - September, 2008

"Just wanted to let you know that I saved a TON of money finding an insurance company through this website. I found one that saved me 57.5% on my premium - pretty amazing if you ask me. Thanks again for your services."

Rene - ON - July, 2008

"Great site and thanks for a good job."

Name withheld - ON - April, 2008

"Thanks for the comparative auto insurance quotes. Amazing to see the escalating differences. I will consider definite comparison with my present insurer when renewal time comes around. Appreciate this service."

Cy - ON - March, 2008

"Thanks to Kanetix I have saved around $600 for one year with better coverage."

Adeeb - ON - March, 2008

"This was really easy and very straight forward...not what you expect with insurance!"

Name withheld - ON - January, 2008

"I can't thank you enough for your quote on my car. You have been more help to me than you will ever know. Many thanks again and I will vigorously recommend you to everyone I know."

Allen - ON - January, 2008

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your on-line program. I actually will be saving $200 a month and I am most grateful. Thanks again."

Tawfic - ON - November, 2007

"Kanetix turned out to be very useful. I just renewed my condo and auto policy and saved myself over $200."

D.M.T. - ON - October, 2007

"I just wanted to thank you for a great service! I took one of your auto insurance quotes and found that, not only did we save almost $900.00 over our current insurer for our two vehicles, but that also included more coverage!!! Thank you again for a great service!"

David & Charmaine - ON - September 2007

"Hello. Thank you for the response to my auto insurance quote. I cannot believe that XXX Insurance, according to the quote I received, is $700.00 less than what I am paying now. It sounds too good to be true!!! Thank you."

Pamela - QC - August 2007

"Thanks Kanetix, I used your website and I saved a bunch of money. I will recommend it."

Alex - ON - June, 2007

"Actually, I was shocked at how much money I saved. I've had benefits for so long that I hadn't bought travel insurance in about 15 years. It cost around $26 with ____ back then to visit my dad in Florida. I immediately checked with ____ this time and the cheapest package was $90. You saved me nearly $60 - that's a ticket to Disney for my daughter now. So no, no - Thank You! :-)"

Corinne - ON - June, 2007

"I want to thank you for operating your site. I just went through the entire quote and purchase process and it was a wonderful experience. This is the second time I've used your site to purchase insurance and once again you provided a service that is definitely needed to easily compare the numerous providers of car and house insurance. I saved a few hundred dollars as well. :)"

Ash - ON - May, 2007

"Earlier, I did get a notice about my car insurance, which I appreciated...used your survey and found out my present company ____ was still the best rate so I renewed. I have told my friends about Kanetix and they also are using your services. Thanks for your help."

Carol - ON - March, 2007

"I did get my travel insurance through you guys. It was much more competitively priced than most. Good job."

Darren - February, 2007

"It was a pleasure arranging travel insurance through your company. My husband and I are traveling this coming Sunday to Nassau and being able to arrange for basic medical coverage over the internet was fabulous. We will definitely use your company again Also, I must mention, I think your follow-up emails to my inquiry was what lead me to proceed."

Linda - February, 2007

"I wanted to offer a testimonial to how amazing Kanetix.ca is because I just saved $500 in 5 minutes.

Six years ago I got my first car and after a year of paying too much insurance I thought I would look around a bit. www.kanetix.ca was a godsend in that it quickly listed off several companies with much lower rates - it saved me lots of time and money.

Every year since then I've faithfully checked to assure myself that I was still getting a good deal because it only takes a few minutes. I just received my car insurance renewal for this year and it went up another $200 to $1,350. It seems like every year the price went up $100-$200 and there was always a different excuse despite the government telling me that rates are going down.

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M. Vienneau - ON - November, 2006

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Joe - ON - October, 2006

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Kenny & Brandi - ON - September, 2006