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Save on Hamilton car insurance.What you need to know. 

Just like every car on the road in Hamilton is different, every insurance rate can be different too. This range in car insurance quotes means that you could be paying too much for your Hamilton auto insurance. 

The trick to lower car insurance premiums is comparing rates. This could be accomplished by calling as many insurance companies as possible and asking for quote. However, if you’re like most people, you don’t have the time to do that. does all of the heavy lifting for you by showing you quotes from the top insurance providers in Ontario, more than anyone else, and lets you compare them all online within minutes. You’ll see the insurers offering the lowest rates for your vehicle in Hamilton. In fact, many drivers in the Hamilton area save, on average, $610 after comparing quotes at

Best of all, Hamilton drivers pay nothing for using Go ahead and get your Hamilton auto insurance quotes today to see your lowest insurance rate.

With a long history in steel production behind the city, Hamilton’s population is increasingly choosing to commute to work outside of the city. Based on the most recent census data, one in three workers commute to work outside of Hamilton, so it’s no surprise that the average commute time for Hamilton drivers is 28.4 minutes each way. This is almost eight per cent higher than the national one-way commute time.

Given that a large part of your day is spent commuting on the road, there is a good chance the threat of getting a traffic ticket or auto accident may cause concern for Hamilton drivers. Your car insurance premiums are partly determined by your driving record. At-fault collisions and traffic violations can adversely affect your insurance premiums. Tickets can be reflected on your driving record for three years and you may be paying for an at-fault accident for at least six years.

In addition to where you live, your driving record and insurance history, the car you drive is also a factor in what you pay for your Hamilton auto insurance. Vehicles more likely to be stolen, for example, may be more expensive to insure. Fortunately, the cars most popular with Hamilton drivers based on quotes obtained at over the last year, didn’t top the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s annual list of the most stolen cars in Canada. The 10 most driven cars in the Hamilton area are:

  1. Honda Civic 
  2. Hyundai Elantra 
  3. Toyota Corolla 
  4. Mazda Mazda3 
  5. Ford Focus 
  6. Honda Accord 
  7. Ford Escape 
  8. Volkswagen Jetta 
  9. Dodge Grand Caravan 
  10. Nissan Altima


Like other Ontario cities, the majority of vehicles on the top 10 are four-door cars, the Dodge Grand Caravan comes in ninth place, being popular with growing Hamilton families.

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More tricks to lower auto insurance premiums 

With overall insurance rates on the rise in Ontario, Hamilton residents are not immune. However, there are many steps Hamilton drivers can take to proactively protect themselves from paying more than necessary. Here are three ways you can keep your premiums in check. 

Shop around and stay informed. Car insurance shouldn’t be one of those things you leave on auto-pilot. Rates often change and the provider who offered you the best rate the last time you shopped around, may not be the same provider that can give you the lowest offer today. Every three months, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) publishes approved rate changes, at which time a number of insurance providers will change their rates for Hamilton drivers. To keep up with these changes, you can subscribe to the rate alert service at and let us monitor our network of 50+ insurance providers for you for free. 

Ask about discounts. Every insurance provider offers discounts. The most common ones are multi-vehicle discount (more than one vehicle on a policy), multi-line discount (bundling your home and auto insurance with the same provider), and in Ontario, the winter tire discount. There are likely other discounts you could qualify for so it’s best to ask your insurance provider about the ones they offer. This dialogue alone could result in some significant savings that you may be entitled to receive. 

Review your insurance policy with your provider. Together you may decide there are certain coverages you may no longer need. For example, if you drive an older vehicle, you may decide that you no longer need collision and/or comprehensive coverages. Or review your deductible options. Sometimes, raising your deductibles to $1,000 can save you five to 10 per cent, however, be sure that you can afford these costs should you need to make a claim in the future.  

Let give you more options to find the lowest auto insurance rate in Hamilton 

When you compare quotes at you can be confident that the rates you see are the lowest available from the 50+ insurance providers we search. Your quotes come directly from insurance providers without any extra fees or strings attached. All of these are excellent reasons to compare Hamilton auto insurance quotes online today at

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