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Car insurance in St. Catharines 

At, we help you find the best car insurance rates available in St. Catharines. Our comprehensive comparison tool ensures that you get the best deals from 50+ insurance providers across Canada. Compare St. Catharines auto insurance quotes today for the best price. It's fast, simple, and free to use.

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) reviews and approves the latest car insurance rate changes on a quarterly basis, so rates can change a lot in the span of a year. Comparing quotes and shopping around for the best price is a must, because the provider who gave you the best rate last year may no longer offer you the best price now. Keep track of how auto insurance rates change by subscribing to the Car Insurance Rate Tracker.

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What's covered in a car insurance policy?

Mandatory coverages:

  • Accident benefits: These cover the people in a vehicle in the event of injury due to a collision. Coverage can include medical and rehabilitation costs, funeral expenses, death benefits, as well as income replacement. As of June, 2016 there have been some changes to accident benefits: Ontario Car Insurance Is Changing. What You Need to Know
  • Third party liability: This coverage pays for a legal claim against the policyholder in the event that they are responsible (whether wholly or partially) for a collision that causes injury or damage to a third party. The minimum coverage requirement is $200,000, although most drivers take at least $1 million.
  • Direct compensation - Property damage (DCPD): This provides coverage for damage to your car and any property inside the car as a result of an automobile accident in which you are not-at-fault.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This component of the standard Ontario auto insurance policy provides coverage for you and your family if you are in an accident and injured or killed by a hit-and-run driver or by a driver who is not insured.

Optional coverages

  • Collision: This covers damage to your vehicle as a result of an impact or collision with another vehicle or object.

  • Comprehensive: This insures your car against damage caused by events like theft and vandalism.

Both of these optional coverages typically come with a deductible, which will factor into how your auto insurance rates are calculated. Generally, the higher the deductible, the lower your car insurance rate. But before you opt for a high deductible, ensure that this is something that you can afford, because this is the amount you will be forced to pay in the event of an insurance claim.

What goes into your St. Catharines car insurance rate?

Drivers in The Garden City should be aware that insurance companies and brokers draw upon populations stats, weather patterns, and other historical information to figure out which roads, intersections and neighbourhoods pose the greatest risk of accidents and collisions. 

In addition, car insurance rates are calculated using:

  • Your commute: The longer your commute to work, the higher your premium. Those driving in rush hour traffic or busy streets to get to work each day should expect to face slightly higher insurance charges than those who use public transportation. 
  • The car you drive: Your vehicle model and year is directly tied to the cost of your insurance. Insurance providers refer to data that analyzes safety ratings, repair costs and even the likelihood of theft among thousands of vehicles before determining rates. There are many drivers who actually select specific cars knowing that insurance premiums are reliant on this information too. 
  • Your driving history: Accidents, infractions, tickets or charges on your driving record will all count against you when your insurance rate is being calculated. Those with clean driving records, as you might expect, will end up saving the most on insurance costs. 

More ways to save on your coverage in St. Catharines

Snow tires help you drive in nasty winter conditions and avoid accidents. And thanks to recent legislation passed by the Ontario government, drivers can now save up to 5 per cent on auto insurance rates in the winter by choosing to install four winter tires. But they must install them in November and keep them on until April.

You may qualify for additional savings too if you participate in roadside assistance programs, install anti-theft devices in your car, or are a member of certain clubs, associations, or alumni groups. Some insurance providers even offer lower rates to those who have passed a certified driver's training course.

It is perfectly feasible that car insurance customers will have other insurance needs. So auto insurance companies typically offer significant discounts to customers who hold multiple policies with them. For example, car insurance, home insurance, motorcycle insurance and RV insurance. 

Compare quotes, at minimum once a year, so that you can ensure you're getting the best price for your car insurance coverage. Other important times to shop around include when you get married, move, buy a new car, add drivers to your policy (like your teen), get a ticket, are involved in a collision, change jobs or retire. 

These are all times when your rate may change which means you may no longer be getting the best price from your current provider. Compare car insurance quotes today to see if you could be spending less on your coverage.

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*75% of Kanetix customers in Ontario who participated in the survey said Kanetix helped them identify an average savings amount of $610 (June – November 2017) on their car insurance. The cited amount represents the average difference between the best quote obtained at and the current premium amount of participants in the survey. The savings amount varies by individual and does not constitute a guarantee; in each individual case, the difference may be smaller or greater than the savings amount cited.