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Car insurance in Quebec: A two-pronged approach

There are actually two components to Quebec car insurance.

The first is the injury coverage premium that's included in the cost of your driver's licence and administered by Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ). The premiums for Quebec's public automobile insurance plan are set each year, however do vary depending on your driving record, specifically any demerit points you may have accumulated.

For example, according to the SAAQ a driver with a Class 5 Quebec driver's licence will end up paying the following on renewal of their driver's licence towards the public automobile insurance plan (This is only the insurance contribution and does not include any extra applicable charges or fees.

The following is the insurance contribution you end up paying based on demerit points:

Zero demerit points - $69.71
1 to 3 demerit points - $109.86
4 to 6 demerit points - $146.57
7 to 9 demerit points - $195.35
10 to 14 demerit points - $223.62
15 or more demerit points - $460.10

The public automobile insurance plan in Quebec ensures all residents are covered for injury or death resulting from an automobile collision regardless of who is at fault, or where in the world the collision happens.

How does help you save on car insurance?

Answer some questions about your vehicle and your driving history and our search engine will do all the work for you! We’ll compare rates from Quebec’s leading insurance providers then we’ll show you your lowest rate, and the other options available to you that come close. If your lowest rate helps you save money on your car insurance, give us a call. Our brand ambassadors are standing by to connect you directly to the insurance company that offered you the lowest quote for you to ask further questions and get your insurance sorted.

The process takes just minutes, and when you’re finished, you’ll be confident you got the best quote.

Quebec drivers pay the cheapest rates in Canada

For a 35-year old driver with a clean driving record, Quebec drivers pay the lowest car insurance rates compared to other provinces.

The provincial average for car insurance from highest to lowest is as follows:

  1. Ontario - $1441 per year
  2. Prince Edward Island - $1137 per year
  3. Alberta - $1088 per year
  4. New Brunswick -$1020 per year
  5. Nova Scotia - $957 per year
  6. Quebec - $590 per year

Your premium could even be cheaper, just by shopping around for a better rate and comparing rates regularly. How regularly? Well, at minimum every year on renewal, but you should also compare rates when you marry, get divorced, move, buy a new car, have new teenage drivers that need to be added to the policy, get a ticket, are involved in a collision, change jobs, or retire. These are all times when comparing rates could save you money.

Did you know that -a joint collaboration of the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA)-recommends that you shop around and get quotes from at least three insurers? Get more than that at to know that you've shopped the market and are getting the best available rate out there!

How can Quebec drivers save even more on their car insurance?

If you live in Quebec, you are already paying some of the cheapest rates in Canada. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save even more. Consider these tips to help you save:

  • Better driving means better rates. A blip on your driving record, like an accident or ticket, can increase the insurance premiums that you pay. •Consider a higher deductible. If you increase your deductible, the premium that you pay will drop. However, proceed with caution – in the event of a claim, you would need to pay out of pocket to cover the deductible.
  • The car you drive matters. The make and model of the car you drive impacts what you’ll pay for insurance. Some cars are more likely to be stolen or simply cost more to repair if they are damaged in a collision.

  • Ask about discounts. You could be eligible for a discount if you bundle your car and home insurance policies with the same insurer. Only 33% of Quebec drivers quoting on selected the bundling discount, so be sure to ask your insurer about this one, as well as other available discounts.
  • How often and how far you drive: More time on the road increases your chances of being involved in an accident.
  • Where home is: Live in a rural area? You'll likely pay less than drivers who live in a bustling city, as there are more drivers on the road, not to mention an increase in traffic.

Private auto insurance in Quebec

The second component to Quebec auto insurance is the private plan which covers civil liability and property damage. This is obtained through private insurance companies like those featured through The minimum required amount to have is $50,000; however it's far more common to have a liability limit that's set to $1 million or $2 million.

It's also through an insurance company that you'll get optional coverages.

Optional coverages you can add to your policy

Consider the following optional coverages you can add to your car insurance policy, to ensure you have the coverage you need. Note that these coverages typically include a deductible, which is the amount you must pay should you make a claim. Check out section B of your policy – this is where the details of these coverages will typically be found:

Collision (or upset): Coverage in case you incur damage to your car due to a collision

Comprehensive: Coverage that protects your car from damage from situations that were not the result of a collision such as theft or vandalism

All perils: Coverage that combines collision coverage and comprehensive coverage

Did you know?

Here are some fun facts about Quebec drivers based on customers quoting on

  • Only 21% have a roadside assistance membership, the lowest of any province.
  • 56% of drivers admit to having an accident and 53% admit to having a ticket on their driving record.
  • The average annual commute for Quebec drivers is 13KM! That’s the second highest after Ontario.
  • 15% of drivers lease their vehicle vs owning it.

  • The five most popular vehicles in Quebec are: Honda Civic, Mazda3, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra and the Hyundai Accent.

Quebec, Car Insurance and Winter Tires:

Cars in Quebec must have four winter tires fitted between December 15th and March 15th. Only tires with the mountain snowflake icon, or studded tires, are considered acceptable winter tires in Quebec. If you drive on the roads during this time without winter tires, you could get a fine in the range of $200 to $300.

While drivers living in Quebec are required to install winter tires, those visiting the province are not affected. The law only applies to passenger vehicles registered (or rented) in Quebec.

For more information check out this helpful article.